Personal Data Policy

This Personal Data Policy (“PDP”) is prepared in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“The Act”) that introduced by the Government to standardise the process of Personal Data (“Personal Data”) for commercial purposes. This PDP sets out the policies and procedures of TAGCC (“Toys / Anime / Games / Comic Con”)  with regard to your Personal Data and your consent to the usage and processing of your Personal Data for purposes set out below at Section 3.

1. Definition  

1.1 “TAGCC” means Ace Qube Concept and/or its related and associated companies regardless whether such company(ies) are incorporated in or outside Malaysia.

1.2 “Personal Data” means your name, age, gender, NRIC, passport number, date of birth, address(es), email address(es), telephone number(s), credit card number(s), bank account(s), opinion(s), comment(s), information in connection to the transactions, programmes and/or packages you have purchased and /or participated in and such other personal information or your views/opinions that are, have been and may be collected, compiled, processed and maintained with TAGCC from time to time.


2. Provision of Personal Data

2.1 TAGCC will obtain your Personal Data when you provide your Personal Data in any way or manner including pursuant to any transactions and/or inquiries made with TAGCC. TAGCC may also receive and store your Personal Data when you enter the TAGCC’s websites, social networking sites and/or blogs.

2.2 TAGCC may also receive, store and process your Personal Data which are provided or made available by any third parties (show/event organizers/promoters, business partners, service providers & vendors), for reasons including delivery of TAGCC’s services (for example, process the ticket(s) with payment), performance of conditions of sales and/or to comply with the TAGCC’s conditions of sales.


3. Purposes of Processing

3.1 TAGCC may use your Personal Data for the following purposes:-

(a) To process your order form/ticket request/transactions;

(b) To communicate with you via SMS, phone call, email, fax, mail and/or any other appropriate communication channels;

(c) To respond to your inquiries;

d) For administrative purposes;

(e) To conduct internal activities;

(f) To process and analyse your Personal Data for market surveys and trend analysis;

(g) To inform you of any changes or updates to our products, goods, facilities, programmes, services and/or loyalty incentives which may affect you;

(h) To market and promote the products, goods, facilities, programmes, services, loyalty incentives, and/or such other activities as you may have requested and /or may be offering by TAGCC, business partner and show/event organizers/promoters;

(i) To prevent and detect fraudulent transaction(s);

(j) Other legitimate business activities of TAGCC; and /or

(k) Other purposes which the TAGCC may reasonably deem fit;


4. Disclosure to Third Parties

4.1 For purposes as described herein and to facilitate the provision of the various products, goods, facilities and/or services to you, TAGCC may share with and/or transfer your Personal Data to:-

(a) the other entities within TAGCC;

(b) TAGCC’s third party service providers and vendors;

(c) show/event organizers/promoters and business partners; and/or

(d) any person under a duty of confidentiality to TAGCC.

4.2 TAGCC may also share your Personal Data where required by law or where disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable laws, legal processes or queries from the relevant authorities.


5. Access and Correction of Personal Data

5.1 You may request to access to and/or to make any correction to your Personal Data by submitting a request in writing to TAGCC to the address stated in Section 6 below.


6. Inquiries and Contact

6.1 You may request for access and/or request for correction of your Personal Data or make any inquiries or complaints in relation to the processing of your Personal Data by contacting the following personnel for further assistance:-



Notes: (1) TAGCC reserves the right to revise this PDP from time to time due to changes in applicable laws and regulations and you shall be deemed to have agreed to such revision(s) if you continue your relationship with TAGCC without any objection.