ABOUT TAGCC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
TAGCC (Toys / Anime / Games / Comic Con) 2018 will be a premier and epic, event that canít be missed for toy, anime, game, comic and hobbies collectors of all interests in Malaysia.

We are the collectors and long-time fans of toys, anime, games and comics. We travel around the world to hunt for ACG and Comic Con events. We focus on promoting pop culture fans in the collection and display of all types of comics, toys, movies, animation, games and related childhood memorabilia and maintaining a network of collectors to help members keep in touch with each other and advance the collecting hobby.

In Malaysia, we know there are passionate fans here and we are excited to bring international brand and presence with our esteemed partners such as Hot Toys, Prime1 Studio, Royal Selangor, Funko, Mighty Jaxx, XM Studios, Iron Studio, and many more! There will also be exciting activities in the areas of anime, comics, games and cosplay! See you there!


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